Employer Quick Look

For more than 30 years, CU Members Mortgage has served the mortgage lending needs of credit unions, CUSOs, and leagues across the nation. But that is not the limit of our experience, not by a long shot. Our founding company, Colonial Savings, dates back to 1952. CU Members Mortgage sprang from this well-established and respected company out of a need to specialize in the unique requirements of credit unions. We draw upon that half-century of experience and other resources to make available every mortgage lending service you'd ever need. Along with this, we offer an effective, time-proven program of marketing support to assure your continuing success in mortgage lending.

CU Members Mortgage, along with the other divisions of Colonial Savings F.A., currently originates more than $2 Billion in residential home loans annually. Our mortgage servicing portfolio exceeds $26 Billion and our company assets are more than $1 Billion. We rank among the leading privately held mortgage companies in the nation. We are vigorously engaged in the marketplace and are guiding credit unions through the mortgage industry as we face it changes and challenges.

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