Employer Quick Look
Health Advocate was founded more than 16 years ago to help people navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. Since that time, we’ve grown and evolved in many ways – adding innovative new services to further improve people’s health and reduce costs; becoming part of West Corporation to enhance our capabilities; and expanding our team across the country to better meet the needs of our clients and members.

But some things haven’t changed. Healthcare continues to be complicated, but we continue to be here to support people when they need us most — with dedication, compassion, expertise and understanding. At Health Advocate, we are committed to tackling the tough issues people face and making it easier so that everyone can benefit from a healthcare system that works for them.

Through advanced data analytics and technology, we’re gaining insights into the health of organizations and leveraging that information to create new ways to motivate people to take charge of their health.

By combining our uniquely personalized support with cutting-edge programs and services, we strive to simplify the healthcare experience and help engage people in their health and well-being, driving the positive change that leads to improved outcomes and lower costs for both our clients and members.

From day one, we are — and will continue to be — at your side.

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