ResCare is a human services company dedicated to helping people in every walk of life find their highest level of independence. Nearly 50,000 ResCare employees work in thousands of locations and environments around the world to serve the diverse needs of more than 65,000 people every single day.

Our personal and compassionate approach translates into everything we do. We never forget that ResCare is in the business of helping people by demonstrating the best of the human character. Our services are tailored to each person’s individual needs.

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  • Provide excellent human services that enhance the lives of individuals.
  • Serve with skill, compassion, respect and care.
  • Provide the highest measurable quality supports for the people and organizations we serve, including our employees, shareholders and communities.
The ResCare Quality Way is the ideological backbone of the company. Its five principles guide us in all our relationships with the world. 

  • Create direction: Envision the kind of company we want to be and make that vision a reality by promoting high quality services and enjoying the work we do.
  • Focus on the customer: Ensure the people we serve have their needs met to the best of our abilities.
  • Focus on the employee: Ensure the people we employ – our family – have their needs met to the best of our abilities.
  • Communicate face-to-face: Use technology to help in our work, but have real human contact whenever possible.
  • Manage for outcomes: Measure our successes and always look for ways to meet the unique needs of all the individuals receiving our services.
At ResCare, we believe we must build on our strengths. We will consistently provide high quality services through the depth and competency of our people, training and processes. Using innovative technology, ResCare will continue to enhance our quality standards. Our relationships with the people who receive our services will determine new service delivery models to reduce costs and provide more benefit to our clients, customers, employees, company and shareholders.
9901 Linn Station Road
Louisville, KY 40223-3808

Attention ResCare Applicants: Please be Cautious to Avoid
Recruitment Fraud and Scams

We value your interest in employment with our organization.

Please be aware of illegitimate recruitment offers and/or
interview requests made by unknown individuals via email as a way of soliciting
personal and financial information.

In these solicitations, the sender may pose as ResCare
personnel in an attempt to collect information that could be used for
fraudulent purposes or identity theft.

We want to assure applicants that we value your privacy and
ResCare has no involvement in this type of activity.

Our employees would not request participation in a video
chat room, like google hangouts, for example, as a way to complete a job
application or conduct an interview. We would not collect direct deposit
information other than through our formal hiring process.

If you have any questions about whether your contact from
ResCare about a job opportunity is legitimate, please call 1-855-203-1032.

To find more information about internet crime schemes or to
file a complaint as a victim of an internet crime scheme, please visit https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx.


Of the millions of people touched by ResCare human services, a large majority are the young, the elderly and those with disabilities. Our portfolio of services is designed to give them all the means and support to live productive lives. ResCare’s extensive quality assurance and best practice programs ensure measurable, quantifiable results. Our knowledge and experience – the product of more than three decades of service to some of the world’s most vulnerable populations – are among ResCare’s greatest assets. At the end of the day, the measure of our success is through the success of the people we serve.

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