LeChase Construction Services, LLC
Assistant Project Manager
At a glance
Location: US-NC-Durham Map
Posted: 03/15/2019
Closing: 04/14/2019
Degree: High School
Type: Full-Time
Experience: At least 2 year(s)
LeChase Construction Services, LLC
Job description

Assist the Project Manager in the following activities:

1.      Administer the efforts of Project Teams in strict accordance with the contract documents, company policies, Owner/Contractor contract, construction schedule and the level of EXCELLENCE, characteristic with LeChase Construction’s Corporate Mission and Vision Statements.

2.      Manage, develop, maintain and oversee all functions of assigned projects at the pre-construction, construction and post-construction phases.  Such functions include:

a.       Safety

b.      Project scheduling

c.       Construction planning

d.      Cost control procedures

e.       Total contract administration

f.        Change order/claim administration

g.      Requisition procedures and collection

h.      Goal achievement

i.        Customer satisfaction

j.        Subcontractor/supplier coordination

k.      Closeout

3.      Establish relationships and coordinate the company support functions on all support departments as such affects assigned projects in a harmonious manner at the last cost.  Participate in project buy out by assisting Project Manager and Estimating to assure full scopes and economies.

4.      Develop, coordinate and implement value engineering concepts and techniques to maximize jobsite efficiencies and profits.

5.      Review and discuss weekly with the Project Team the job cost reports and schedule status. Provide bi-monthly cost to complete statements and job status reports to management.

6.      Attend field meetings as needed.

7.      Create and maintain a TEAM relationship with the Owner, Architect, Construction Manager, LeChase’s supervision, LeChase’s field forces, subcontractors, suppliers, other prime contractors and others involved in the construction process.  Pursue and obtain repeat business through complete customer satisfaction.

8.      Enable the other members of the Project Team to concentrate on maximizing labor and equipment productivity.

9.      Establish, encourage and maintain communication within the Project Team, with upper management, with tradesmen and other project participants (Owners, Architects, Construction Managers, Subcontractors Primes, etc.).  Constantly strive for communication improvement.  Keep the Owner advised of project status.  Prepare and distribute monthly project update reports for Owner’s use and reference.

10.  Study and become completely familiar with contract documents, project drawings, specifications, schedule and other project requirements including mechanical and electrical scopes.  Be certain all members of Project Team are equally familiar with such.

11.  Monitor accuracy, use and effectiveness of project planning including the three-week schedule, its distribution to foremen and the achievement of daily crew production goals.

12.  Oversee the effectiveness and evaluate the performance of the Project Team members.

13.  Ascertain the proper use and maintenance of tools and equipment.  Keep the Project Manager & Superintendent advised as to condition and performance of equipment.

14.  Solve problems on assigned projects, which relate to personnel, manpower, union disputes, claims, incorrect work, schedule, etc.  Keep management advised and seek advice from peers.  Such is to be undertaken in accordance with Corporate Mission, Project Management’s Basic Function, good judgment and common sense.  Assist the Project Team in correcting work deficiencies.  Provide recommendations to management for promotion, training, hiring and discharging of the labor force.

15.  Cooperate with the management in the selection, promotion, training, hiring and discharging of the labor force.

16.  Ensure that all required paperwork is filled out accurately, timely, correctly and in proper form.  Follow, enforce and adhere to the requirements of the General Responsibilities, all company Manuals and Policies.

17.  Inform the Project Manager / Project Executive of any significant changes in the work.  Quantifying, monitoring and pursuing of change order or extra work order items are your direct responsibility.  Review and approve all change orders (Owners and subcontractors) for execution by the Project Executive, Operations Manager or Vice President in charge.

18.  Assist in company training program.  Attend and participate in training seminars.  Educate and act as mentor to selected employees.

Job requirements

1.      High school diploma & OSHA 30 training required.  Vocational and/or college diploma desirable.  Technical, mechanical, electrical, and communication knowledge desirable.

2.      Knowledge of:

·         Basic knowledge of safety policies and procedures

·         English usage, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation and technical writing.

·         Computer applications related to the work

·         Recordkeeping principles and procedures

3.      Ability to:

·         Maintain a safe worksite

·         Estimate change orders and small projects.

·         Plan, organize and carry out assignments from project team with minimal direction

·         Read and understand Construction Specifications and Plans

·         Work with project teams, owners and subcontractors

·         Quickly lean new concepts and masters tasks

·         Take on new tasks as needed

·         Communicate to both field and management staff

Assistant Project Manager