Reading Hospital
At a glance
Location: US-PA-Reading Map
Posted: 06/22/2020
Closing: 07/21/2020
Degree: High School
Type: Full-Time
Experience: Not Specified
Reading Hospital
Job description

Repairs and maintains all aspects of the electrical distribution systems of the facility, as well as all satelite buildings. Performs all work in accordance with all local
and national electrical codes standards, as well as JCAHO, DOH, and Healthcare Life Safety Codes.


Troubleshoots electrical malfunctions in accordance with approved practices and manufacturers' specifications. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets
standards' when:
(1) Observes all safety rules and regulations when working on or around all electrical equipment. Uses proper PPE when testing or troubleshooting live
electrical equipment. Follows guidelines set forth by OSHA and all other regulatory bodies.
(2) Communicates with immediate supervisor with any issues resulting in shut down of essential hospital electrical systems.
(3) Performs follow up with supervisor when troubleshooting/repairs are complete.
(4) Provides assistance and support to other members of the facilities management team.

Maintains and repairs Computerized Pneumatic Tube System The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Performs all scheduled maintenance on all tube system equipment.
(2) Able to troubleshoot and repair problems with the tube system such as blockages, etc.
(3) Must be able to understand the software associated with the tube system and make changes when needed, such as carrier counts,etc.
(4) Must be able to complete all necessary actions in the event of a spill in the tube system. Follow up with Infection Control with necessary information
and documentation.
(5) Inform supervisor of any shut downs of the system which would interfere with patient care activity.

Maintains and repairs existing electrical equipment and installs new systems and equipment where needed. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets
standards' when:
(1) Reads and interprets blueprints and specifications.
(2) Must be able to obtain pricing from several vendors for materials needed to complete job. Be conscious of cost savings while planning for the job.
(3) Perform all work in a clean and workmanlike manner and in accordance with current applicable codes and standards.
(4) Follows all guidelines set forth by Infection Control when working in and around patient care areas.

Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Works with Grounds Shop to remove snow and ice during inclement weather.
(2) Assumes a lead role in the absence of supervisor or when assigned to a specific project.
(3) Responsible for using the Mpro3 work order system to accurately document all work performed and to track productivity and accountability.

Maintains personal growth associated with the electrical trade. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Attends seminars such as National Electrical Codes updates, etc.
(2) Attends training for existing and new equipment pertaining to the electrical systems of the facility.
(3) Strives to provide new ideas and information that would benefit other electricians and the facility.

Acts as a representative for the facility when assigned to a project which involves an outside vendor/electrical contractor. The Responsibility and Accountability
'meets standards' when:
(1) Assures that contractors/vendors adhere to all hospital policies when performing work.
(2) Makes periodic checks on work being performed, and reports to immediate supervisor the status of the project.
(3) Works as a team member and interacts with other departments when working on a project.

Maintains Powerlogic Computerized Monitoring System for main electrical distribution system. Makes changes to and creates reports as needed using the
server. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Check status of electrical system and report any issues to immediate supervisor.
(2) Make additions or deletions of monitored equipment in the field when necessary.
(3) Create energy reports when needed for the Utilities Manager.
(4) Assures that system receives provided upgrades to software as needed.
(5) Attends training seminars when required to receive latest revisions.

Performs all work using all safety guidelines and personal protective equipment. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Notifies immediate supervisor of any safety issues that are observed during work.
(2) Use all protective clothing/equipment provided by the facility when performing work.
(3) Keep a neat and clean environment free of any objects that would pose a safety risk to self or others.
(4) Perform all work in compliance with healthcare rules and regulations.

Performs scheduled maintenance on electrical distribution systems and equipment. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Performs monthly and tri-annual load testing of all emergency generators.
(2) Keeps accurate records of load testing and any problems with or repairs to the emergency generators and related automatic transfer switches.
(3) Assists vendors with preventive maintenance of high voltage electrical distribution equipment.
(4) Performs scheduled maintenance on variable frequency drive units on and off campus in accordance with manufacturers' standards.
(5) Keeps accurate records and completes forms in a timely manner.

ON-CALL - 5265:
The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Performs 125 hours of on-call every 8 weeks and 65 hours of back-up on-call every 10 weeks, minor plumbing repairs, minor HVAC repairs, steam
boiler monitoring and diagnostics, minor nurses call system service, minor fire system service, minor ice machine repairs, DOH regulatory inspections,
carpentry, painting, and snow removal.

Performs repairs to the facility paraphernalia, building structure, and mechanical devices. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) The technician can read and interpret basic electrical, plumbing, mechanical, architectural and life safety drawings. The technician is also expected
to utilize schematics and operational manuals for troubleshooting and repair.
(2) The technician is able to use basic diagnostic and setup equipment such as gauges, thermometers, multi meters, ammeters, monometers,
calibrators, or other items pertinent to their responsibilities.
(3) The technician is able to independently respond to and make minor repairs or reset equipment or systems. Including but not limited to the fire
system, intercom system, and nurse call system.
(4) The technician is able to independently or take a lead role in the repair of mechanical equipment including but not limited to the replacement of
motors, belts, bearings, pulleys & sheaves, and couplers.
(5) The technician is able independently make repairs to electrical items such as lighting fixtures, bulbs, ballasts, switches, receptacles, and small
(6) The technician is able independently make repairs to plumbing fixtures, opens blocked drains with handheld power snakes, investigates and
identifies sources of leaks.
(7) The technician can demonstrate the able to independently utilize the building automation system to make adjustments and as a tool in the
troubleshooting and diagnosis of problems.

Responds to a wide genre of work order requests via the electronic work order system, alpha numeric pager, or ad hoc. The Responsibility and Accountability
'meets standards' when:
(1) The technician responds to STAT and Priority calls within the accepted time allowance. The Technician is able to work independently to perform the
task with minimal supervision.
(2) The technician is able to prioritize their calls by utilizing PP116 and assessing the request by importance based on the necessity, urgency and code
infraction of the request.
(3) The technician demonstrates a leadership role by assuming responsibility for tasks, zones, areas, or buildings assigned day to day. This is evident
when the technician is proactive with repairs and not just waiting for a customer requested work order or a manager assignment.
(4) The technician effectively communicates with customers pertaining to work requests. It is expected the technician will make arraignments to
complete work orders in a timely manner.
(5) The technician is able to acquire the required materials needed to effectively perform a repair. This includes the employee obtaining pricing and
placing the order with the manager for materials needed to complete the repair.
(6) The technician is able to create and close the computerized work order(s) associated with the unscheduled maintenance task in a timely manner as
designated by the manager

All activities must be in compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity laws, patient confidentiality, and other Federal, State and Local laws and regulations, as
appropriate. The content of this job description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work expectations performed by incumbents in this
classification. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all position duties required and performed by the incumbent in the role. Nothing in this job
description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time. This document does not create an employment
contract, implied or otherwise. It does not alter the ‘at will’ employment relationship between the company and the employee. The organization has the right, at
its sole discretion, based on business and patient needs, to alter or change the expectations at any time.


High School Diploma or GED

Electrical Experince 

Electrical Journeyman License
PA Drivers License

General Clerical Skills
Microsoft Word
Computer Skills to include use and navigation

According to The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it is possible that requirements may be modified to reasonably accommodate disabled
individuals. However, no accommodations will be made which may pose serious health or safety risks to the employee or others or which impose
undue hardships on the organization.
1. Hearing: Adequate to perform job duties in person and over the telephone.
2. Speaking: Must be able to communicate clearly in person and over the telephone.
3. Writing: Must be able to accurately document pertinent information either by writing or typing.
4. Vision: Visual acuity adequate to perform job duties, including reading information from printed sources and computer screens.

Frequently within shift (34-66%): Standing, Walking
Occasionally within shift (1-33%): Sitting, Climbing, Bending, Crouching, Squatting, Crawling, Kneeling, Balancing, Pulling with force, Reaching above
head, Reaching above shoulder, Push/pull (up to 350 lbs.), Lift from floor level up, Lift from waist level up, Lift above shoulders/head, Lifting 10 lbs.
maximum & occasionally lifting &/or carrying objects, Lifting 20 lbs. maximum & frequent lifting &/or carrying of objects weighing up to 10 lbs., Lifting
50 lbs. maximum & frequent lifting &/or carrying of objects weighing up to 25 lbs.

May be exposed to blood borne pathogens Low Risk
May be exposed to toxic, caustic, chemicals &/or detergents
May be exposed to moving mechanical parts
May be exposed to high noise levels
May be exposed to extreme conditions (i.e. heat or cold)
May be exposed to potential electrical shock
May be exposed to communicable diseases
May be exposed to X-Ray/electromagnetic energy