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Food Service Worker- Patient Services
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Location: US-PA-Reading Map
Posted: 12/01/2019
Closing: 12/31/2019
Degree: Not Specified
Type: Part-Time
Experience: Not Specified
Reading Hospital
Job description

The patient service food service technicians functions primarily as a tray line facilitator to assemble trays for delivery to patients. In addition, they actively perform essential food service functions that may include operating food service equipment; cleaning and sanitizing dishware, equipment, and food production areas; delivery of food and meals; use and understanding of department specific technology such as hand-held devices and computer programs when on the tray line and delivering meals; and maintaining safe food production and service areas in order to provide appealing, appetizing, and wholesome food to those
served by the Nutrition Services Department.


Provides ware washing support to the Nutrition Services Department so that pots, dishes, silverware, etc. are sanitized and safe for meal service to patients and
customers. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Completes assigned dishwashing duties. Service ware is cleaned and sanitized in accordance with established standards. Duties complete within a timeframe that supports efficient and scheduled department operations.
(2) Operates ware washing equipment. Monitors soap, rinse agents and other chemicals so that they are dispensed in an appropriate manner. Guarantees that proper wash and rinse temperature standards are met.
(3) Exercises care when preparing dishware for washing. Refrains from breaking or discarding permanent ware. Checks meal trays for personal items left on trays and returns these to the supervisor.
(4) Stores clean service ware in the appropriate location or assigned rack. Returns full racks to the designated production area.
(5) Guarantees that heated dish storage equipment is turned on and functioning properly so that plates / bases are hot and ready for meal assembly.
(6) Uses appropriate personal protective equipment for the assigned task. Gloves, aprons, goggles, hearing protection are in place when operating dishwashing equipment.
(7) Leaves work area and equipment clean, dry and free of garbage and debris, and ready for the next meal. Consistently completes activities identified on the sanitation checklist.

Provides adjunct support to Ambassador personnel to deliver / collect meal trays to / from patient rooms. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets
standards' when:
(1) Serves patients promptly and efficiently. Puts patients first. Willingly delivers courtesy trays, patient food supplies and floor stock when the need is
(2) Consistently uses the established patient scripts when entering /serving / leaving patient rooms. Uses two patient identifiers. Verifies absence of
NPO alert. Asks Is there anything else I can do for you?
(3) Uncovers / opens containers for patients as necessary.
(4) Obtains menu selections from patients and communicates them to the appropriate call center or supervisory personnel.
(5) Collects soiled trays from patient rooms and unit utility rooms and returns them to the kitchen.
(6) Upholds infection control practices. Complies with hand hygiene guidelines. Follows isolation precaution procedures.
(7) Completes tasks at a pace that allows for meal service to be complete within a timeframe that supports timely delivery of meals and efficient
department operations. Is proficient with the use of hand-held technology devices used to track patient meal tray delivery.

Accurately completes patient meal assembly in a manner that allows for the delivery of appealing and appropriate foods to hospitalized patients at the
designated time. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Assembles sufficient amount of required items for the tray line position or dining room to be served. Follows par levels per guidelines. Utilizes the proper utensils for portion control.
(2) Places ordered items on patient tray/plate with 95% accuracy rate.
(3) Upholds food safety. Washes hands. Ensures all hot and cold temperatures are maintained by following all related department procedures.
(4) Alerts the supervisor of malfunctioning equipment and substandard sanitation issues.
(5) Maintains attractive meal service by placing items on the plate/tray in the correct location and safely removing drips and spills.
(6) Completes meal assembly tasks at a pace that allows for meal service to be complete within a timeframe that supports timely delivery of meals to patients and efficient department operations.
(7) Leaves work station/dining room clean and stocked appropriately for the next meal.


 No Education Requirements

No experience

No Licensure or Certification Required

Excellent Communications Skills
Excellent Interpersonal Skills

According to The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it is possible that requirements may be modified to reasonably accommodate disabled individuals. However, no accommodations will be made which may pose serious health or safety risks to the employee or others or which impose undue hardships on the organization.
1. Hearing: Adequate to perform job duties in person and over the telephone.
2. Speaking: Must be able to communicate clearly in person and over the telephone.
3. Writing: Must be able to accurately document pertinent information either by writing or typing.
4. Vision: Visual acuity adequate to perform job duties, including reading information from printed sources and computer screens

Food Service Worker- Patient Services