Mail Agent 2200-0630 FT $10 hr. Flight Privileges
At a glance
Location: US-GA-Atlanta Map
Posted: 02/06/2021
Closing: 03/05/2021
Degree: Not Specified
Type: Full-Time
Experience: Not Specified
Job description
Under the direction of the supervisor or lead agent, the mail agent is responsible for hauling, moving, loading, unloading, sorting, examining, securing, documenting the arrival, sortation and distribution of U.S. postal mail.

Note: Depending upon the location, a number of different positions may exist within the mail operation. The tasks listed below may/may not be performed in each of those positions.
  • Drives motorized equipment (tug, forklift, etc.) to move a variety of conveyances to appropriate location.
  • Retrieves and unloads mail onto the sort system.
  • Reading mail codes, sorts mail for loading into outbound/local conveyances.
  • Uses scan gun to record mail received/distributed.
  • Matching manifests and conveyances, delivers sorted mail to appropriate location.
  • Verifies mail in conveyance against manifest to ensure accurate count/weight/destination.
  • Repositions conveyances and other equipment to maintain efficient operational flow.
  • Inspects conveyances for damage and moves damaged items to appropriate location.
  • Inspects motorized equipment to ensure operational safety, functionality and brand appearance.
  • Cleans work site of trash, skids and other debris to maintain orderly work place.
  • Clears jams from mail chutes using designated tools. May require climbing ladder.
  • May perform other duties as assigned.
Mail Agent 2200-0630 FT $10 hr. Flight Privileges