Senior Qualitative Analyst - (Tech or Rx)
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Posted: 12/03/2021
Closing: 01/02/2022
Degree: Not Specified
Type: Full-Time
Experience: Not Specified
Job description

The Qualitative Analyst will work with a Senior Qualitative Director (lead moderator) and a Research Manager (project management/logistics) to support qualitative projects. They will support all phases of qualitative research projects from design, to execution, to reporting.

Essential Functions:

  • Design support:
    • Participate in study design meetings with project team and/or clients.
    • Support the proposal/sales process by working with teams to provide slide examples/development that articulate the approach to the client’s needs.
    • Perform secondary research as needed to develop deep understanding of disease states, available treatments, clinical trials, and medical data.
    • Develop screener questions with clarity, precision, accuracy, and thoroughness that will set projects up for successful recruits.
    • Review incoming recruits for studies to ensure alignment/match with recruitment criteria, and make recommendations for screening thresholds or adaptations to screening tools.
    • Draft portions of discussion guides and stimulus materials.
    • Prepare (“program” as needed) OBB platform for online qualitative studies. Pre-existing programming experience not required.
  • Execution support:
    • Ongoing coordination with moderator, client manager, and research manager to determine where support is needed.
    • Backroom management during fieldwork (both remote and travel), including client interactions, moderator support, and stimuli.
    • Monitoring and detailed/strategic notetaking during fieldwork, providing daily summaries to moderator, identifying quotes/video clips for reporting, and contributing to debrief sessions.
    • Co-moderate methods such as OBBs and TDIs, while advancing moderating skills to be able to tackle more advanced methods/techniques/topics
    • Continuously monitoring quality level of research conducted and suggest solutions for improving/optimizing research to ensure success. (should we move this to execution)

  • Insights/Reporting support:
    • Analyze research results – extract themes, generate insights/summaries, etc.
    • Extract quotes from qualitative transcripts.
    • Drafting report sections, most often in PowerPoint, that capture relevant insights with strong visual acuity.
    • Editing/review of moderator-developed reporting, with the ability to add valuable recommendations on framing insights and/or slide design.
    • Support video editing/clipping to be used in deliverables.
  • May assist with coordination of marketing / thought leadership pieces such as blog posts, whitepapers or conference presentations


  • Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in a field related to the industry (e.g. market research, behavioral science or business) and/or a field related to qualitative (e.g. sociology, anthropology, marketing, advertising, etc.)
  • Must have a minimum of 3 years of work experience in preferably in a  market research capacity
  • Must have experience analyzing market research
  • Must have strong written communication skills to be able to summarize findings and implications for clients
  • Must have strong verbal communication skills to help lead conversations
  • Must be able to build relationships with internal and external clients
  • Must be skilled in time management and prioritizing to support multiple clients and projects simultaneously
  • Must be a proactive self-starter, prepared to seek out information on different conditions, therapies, and emerging agents in development to achieve foundational levels of literacy
  • Understanding of qualitative methods (e.g. focus groups, IDIs, OBBs, etc.) is desired
  • Understanding of qualitative techniques (e.g. laddering, projectives, etc.) is preferred
  • Understanding of compelling storytelling approaches and visual design techniques for report development is a strong differentiator
  • Understanding of quantitative methods (e.g. surveys) and techniques (e.g. correlations, kano, etc.) are nice to have
  • Must be proficient in the critical Microsoft software: Office, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word
  • Comfortable with travel to support research as needed, both within the US and OUS
  • Experience with video editing is preferred



Senior Qualitative Analyst - (Tech or Rx)