Reading Hospital
Supervisor Nutrition Services
At a glance
Location: US-PA-Reading Map
Posted: 11/02/2019
Closing: 12/01/2019
Degree: High School
Type: Full-Time
Experience: Not Specified
Reading Hospital
Job description

The Nutrition Supervisor reports to the Food Service Manager. Nutrition Supervisors hold accountability for the operation of the patient feeding function and/or
the Room Service Call Center. Job duties include expedition of the room service tray line, assurance of patient feeding system integrity, supervision of the dish
room and sanitation operation, and overall responsibility for the room service ambassadors, food service workers dish room utility, food service workers patient
services and room service call center associates. Nutrition Supervisors maintain overall responsibility for the TUG robots used in the department. All supervisors
perform employee scheduling, discipline and communication.

Responsible for various tray line positions insuring that the finished tray is correct, aesthetically appealing and appetizing when it is delivered to the patient.
Carefully assesses area for sanitation, cleanliness and readiness to start meal service. Collaborates with all members of the Nutrition Services team to deliver
meals in an efficient, timely and courteous manner. The Responsibility and Accountability ‘meets standards’ when:

(1) Entire area is checked for cleanliness, Issues that exist are corrected. Correct sanitation equipment is set-up as required.
(2) “Ticket Printer” equipment has been turned on and loaded with paper. All items necessary for food service are available.
(3) It is confirmed from the Room Service Cooks that they are ready to start service.
(4) It is confirmed that the Starter, Facilitators and Ambassadors are ready to start service.
(5) Dialysis trays are served in a timely manner. Monitors the rotation of product in accordance with FIFO principles. Monitors product expiration dates,
reacting accordingly. Proper portion tools are used. Correct service ware is used. Monitors for attractive presentation and service ware is free from
excess drips and debris.
(6) All items ordered are actually on the meal tray, garnished and covered correctly and delivery occurs within the approved time.
(7) “Safety Trays/Paper/Service Ware Set-ups” are used when designated. Items on tray are compared to the Expeditor / Supervisor tray ticket for
accuracy. Trays are checked to make certain there are no “linked trays” that must accompany this tray in the cart. (i.e.- guest trays, prisoner and guard
(8) All patient literature (i.e. Stop Signs, birthday cakes, et.) are placed on the tray. When copies of the meal ticket are on the completed tray, the trays
are loaded backwards to facilitate ease of removal. After 10 minutes has passed, or the cart is full, whichever occurs first, the Ambassador has been
dispatched to deliver the meals.


High School Diploma or GED

Relevant Experience

No Licensure or Certification Required

Excellent Communications Skills
Excellent Interpersonal Skills
General Clerical Skills
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Publisher

When interacting with patients, visitors and co-workers a friendly and cheerful demeanor is maintained at all times. The Responsibility and Accountability ‘meets
standards’ when:
(1) All interactions with patients, visitors and co-workers are amicable.
(2) Employee is always willing to lend a hand when needed.
(3) Courtesy is maintained at all times.
(4) Treats others with respect.

Maintains a clean and safe working environment. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Nutrition services equipment is maintained in safe working order. There is evidence of a functional and operational repair and maintenance program.
(2) Applicable safety practices are in place. Nutrition Service personnel are supplied with appropriate PPEs. Observation of the Nutrition Services’ area shows compliance.
(3) Monitors general department cleaning and trash removal duties.
(4) Guarantees the service ware is properly washed and sanitized. Maintains the cleanliness of the dish room.
(5) Monitors cleaning processes. Monitors work stations for cleanliness. Completes a weekly sanitation checklist, communicates substandard areas and follows through to ensure the areas have been taken care of.
(6) Monitors the operation of food service equipment. Guarantees that refrigerated and heat maintenance equipment are operating at the correct temperature. Makes sure all equipment is turned off when not in use. Requests equipment repair through the proper protocol.
(7) Insures that proper food safety and sanitation techniques are followed. Monitors hand washing. Guarantees food is maintained at established safe
temperature levels. Monitors the covering, dating and labeling of all food items. Monitors that food is consistently served in accordance with established standards.

The daily management of the department's operations. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Performs departmental opening and closing procedures.
(2) Insures proper food handling and portion control techniques are followed.
(3) Guarantees proper safety and sanitation techniques are followed.
(4) Insures food is served accurately and in a timely manner.
(5) food is served in a manner that supports a pleasant and efficient food service experience
(6) Visible at serving areas when assigned.
(7) Monitors the employee for the prompt and efficient service of customers, making sure the employee smiles and makes eye contact. Conducts
classes to reinforce proper customer service.

Manages Nutrition Services personnel scheduling, payroll, attendance and meetings. Maintains temperature records necessary for the full operation of the
department. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Schedules personnel appropriately in Kronos to meet their unit's FTE allotment. Schedules are posted in a timely manner.
(2) Maintains time and attendance records accurately and in a timely manner.
(3) Conducts and maintains records for monthly unit meetings. Oversees and schedules the Department's Learning Management System.
(4) Writes and revises the department's job descriptions, evaluations, and training and job flow sheets.
(5) Schedules annual department Fitt testing and maintains records.
(6) Insures temperatures on all equipment are monitored as spelled out per policy and recorded. Reacts appropriately when temperatures are substandard.
(7) Maintains and updates the Material Safety Data Sheet system. Chemical inventory lists are up to date.

Supervisor Nutrition Services